Command Prompt Power Tips

Posted in Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

Here are a few tips that will help you become a Command Prompt Pro:

  • Turn on Quick Edit Mode. This will allow you to easily select, copy and paste all with just your mouse and a right click. Details Here
  • When typing in a file or folder name, type in part of the name and then hit the TAB key to bring up matches. Use SHIFT  +TAB to go the other direction.
  • When searching for a file, type in dir part_of_filename* to look for the file in the folder. To search sub directories as well, append the /s flag as well. Example: dir exp* /s
  • Use the up arrow to go back over past commands. Alternatively you can hit F7 and go directly to the command.
  • When working with network drives type:  prompt $m$p$g to show the full network path along with the drive prompt.  Other prompt settings can be found by running prompt /?.
  • You can print the contents of a file by typing: copy file.txt prn
  • Write the output of any command by appending > output.txt. For example, dir > filelist.txt

Do you have a good tip that should be added to this list? Send it to me here.

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