Remove Consumer Microsoft Teams from Windows 11

Posted in Windows 11 by Steve Sinchak

Windows 11 introduces a brand new version of Microsoft Teams build for consumers.  This can be quite annoying if you are a business customer of Microsoft and use the commercial version of Microsoft Teams.  End users can end up with two versions of Teams which can be very confusing.  And good luck trying to explain what version of Teams they should be running since they are both called Microsoft Teams.  Great branding move right?

There are two big parts that need to be removed. First the actual app needs to be uninstalled, then we need to get rid of the annoying chat icon that remains on the taskbar. 

Part 1: Uninstalling Consumer Teams

The removal is nothing special, you can remove it from the list of installed apps in settings, or my preference is to do it via powershell. To get started, right click on the start button and select Windows PowerShell (Admin). It is very important to select the administrative version as you need elevated rights to run the next command. 

At the powershell prompt, paste the following and hit Enter

Get-AppxPackage MicrosoftTeams* | Remove-AppxPackage

The app will uninstall and we are done with this part.  

Part 2: Removing the Chat Taskbar Icon

This next part is very easy, we just need to toggle a taskbar setting to remove the Chat icon from the taskbar.  To get started click on the Start Button and then go into Settings.


Next, go to the Personalization section and select Taskbar

Finally, toggle the Chat icon Off

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