Where to find Windows Update Device Drivers in Windows 11

Posted in Windows 11 by Steve Sinchak

After installing Windows 11, or really any version of Windows, it has become common practice to head over to Windows Update to update and install any drivers for your device.  Over the years this has become a valuable technique to get your machine not only running, but with the latest version of drivers to make sure your device is operating at top performance.  But after installing Windows 11 on one of my laptops, I became very worried that the feature I have come to depend on was no longer present in Windows 11. After hitting Check for updates many times I was never presented with the option to install drivers for any of the devices that Windows 10 happily installed for me with this same technique.  After some digging around in the new Settings app, I discovered that Driver Updates are now separate and located within Advanced option of the Windows Update section. 

To get started, head over to the Settings app by either searching for Settings in the Start Menu or hitting the special keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I (letter i).  Once in Settings scroll down to the bottom of the side menu list and select Windows Update.  Then on the Windows Update screen click on Advanced options.  

Next, on the Advanced options screen, scroll down to Additional options and click on Optional updates

Finally, expand the Driver updates section and check any available updates for your device and hit the Download & install button. 

The driver update will install just like any other Windows Update. 

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