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The most annoying feature in iTunes 10 for many users is the new Ping social network. For those that have chosen not to use the service, Apple has made it difficult for users to disable the service buttons polluting the interface. In the latest version of iTunes 10, Apple took it a step further and displays a Ping button next to every selected song.

Updated method for iTunes 10.1

Open iTunes and click on Edit and then select Preferences.

Check Ping under the Disable section of Parental Control tab.

Then click OK.

Original Method (still works)

To remove the Ping buttons in iTunes 10 you will need to close iTunes.

Open up Command Prompt by clicking on the start button and typing in CMD and hit Enter.

Now copy one of the commands below depending on the bit version of Windows you are running:

64-bit Windows:

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\itunes\itunes.exe" /setprefint hide-ping-dropdown 1

32-bit Windows:

"%ProgramFiles%\itunes\itunes.exe" /setprefint hide-ping-dropdown 1

Paste the command into Command Prompt (right click on command prompt and select Paste) and then hit Enter to run the command.

iTunes should not launch, the command will run silently and then return to a new prompt.

C:\"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\itunes\itunes.exe" /setprefint hide-ping-dropdown 1

Now start up iTunes and the Ping buttons should be gone.

Article updated 11/23/2010

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