Window Management Keyboard Tricks

Posted in Windows 7 by Steve Sinchak

Windows 7 includes many new way to manage your windows such as window snapping and cool tricks like Aero Shake. One secret that few users know about are the new keyboard shortcuts that are a big help for any power user.  The following keyboard shortcuts provide another way to use the new window management features in Windows 7.

  • Windows key + up will maximize a window to fill the screen
  • Windows key + down arrow on a maximized window will restore it to the original size.
  • Windows key + down will minimize any regular window to the task bar.
  • Windows key + M will minimize any window to the task bar.
  • Windows key + right or left arrow will snap a window to half of the screen. This is the same as dragging a window to far left or right side of the screen.
  • Windows key + home will minimize all open windows in the background except the top most active window. This is the same as shaking the window (Aero Shake).
  • Windows key + T will iterate through your task bar thumbnails of open applications.
  • Windows key + D will minimize all windows.
  • Windows key + Space bar will let you peek at the desktop.
  • If you have multiple monitors, Windows key + shift + right arrow will move the active window to your next monitor. Windows key + shift + left arrow will revert it back.
  • Good old Flip 3D is still there. Use Windows key + Tab to bring it up. While holding the Windows key hit tab to iterate through the windows. Hold down Windows key + shift and then hit tab to reverse the direction.
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