Create a Flip3D Taskbar Icon in Windows 7

Posted in Windows 7 by Steve Sinchak

Flip3D was a fun and cool looking feature in Windows Vista that can be very useful for switching between windows. With the improved Windows 7 taskbar, Flip3D was replaced with improved thumbnails and Aero Peek. Those are both good alternatives but I like the speed of viewing all my open windows at once and switching with just two clicks.

This article will show you how to create a Flip3D icon on the Windows 7 taskbar:

  1. Right click on the Desktop and select New and then Shortcut.
  2. Type in RunDll32 DwmApi #105 in the location box and click Next.

  3. Type in Flip3D as the Name and click Finish.
  4. You will now have an shortcut on the desktop that will launch Flip3D but it has the wrong icon. Right click on the Flip3D shortcut and select Properties.

  5. On the Shortcut tab click the Change Icon button. 
  6. Change the Look for icons in this file text box to C:\windows\explorer.exe and it Enter.  The Flip3D icon will now be available. Select it and click OK.

  7. Click OK to close out the shortcut properties window.
  8. Finally, just drag and drop the new shortcut on the Windows 7 taskbar to pin it.

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