Force your web site to be rendered in IE7 mode in IE8

Posted in Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

With the release of IE8 and the number of users are growing rapidly it is important for web developers to be ready for the new way that IE8 renders web pages.  Microsoft decided IE8 will render web pages in a new web standards compliant mode by default. While this decision should simply making web sites that work in all web browsers, it is going to break many web sites that were designed to older rendering engines of Internet Explorer.

Rather than rewrite your entire web site to be standards compliant to work properly in IE8 Microsoft has given web developers a way to force IE8 to render your web page with the IE7 rendering mode.  Simply add a special code to your HTML code.

Insert the following right after the <head> tag in your HTML code.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

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