Customize your sidebar with Windows Sidebar Styler

Posted in Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

Stanimir Stoyanov has create a very useful application that automates customizing the appearance of the Windows Vista sidebar. If you change you skin your visual style and want your sidebar to match or just do not like the default black gradation look, Windows Sidebar Styler makes it very easy to change the look.

  1. Visit Stanimir Stoyanov’s blog and download the latest version.
  2. Once installed, start up the Windows Sidebar Styler. You can find it in the start menu under Stanimir Stoyanov.
  3. You can replace individual graphics used to create a custom theme by scrolling through the Available Resource List, right clicking on a resource and selecting Replace.

    Alternatively, you open a theme that was already created by clicking on the open button that is just to the right of the big Apply/Play button.

  4. Once you have your changes made or theme loaded, hit the big Apply/Play button and you are finished.

Looking for more Windows Sidebar Styler themes to download? Check out WinCustomize.

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