Mount a CD Image

Posted in Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

Mounting a CD image is a basic feature of almost every operating system package except for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has never shipped this feature in any version of Windows including Windows Vista.  Mounting a CD image is very useful when you have downloaded a .ISO cd image and you do not want to waste the time or the media to burn a copy. Since Windows Vista does not have this functionality built-in, you will need to download a utility. One popular utility that will mount CD images is called elby CloneDrive. Best of all, CloneDrive is free and easy to use. Follow these steps to mount CD images in Windows Vista with CloneDrive:

  1. Visit and download a free copy of CloneDrive.
  2. Install CloneDrive just like any other application.
  3. After it is installed you will see a new virtual drive appear in your Computer drive list.
  4. Right Click on the CloneDrive and select Virtual CloneDrive and then Mount.
  5. Navigate to the .ISO file you want to mount and hit Open.
  6. Your CD image is now mounted.  Enjoy!
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