Customize your system icons with Microangelo On Display

Posted in Windows 7, Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

Microangelo, the famous icon tool company, has released an updated version of their On Display application that allows users to easily change and replace the default system icons in Windows. With Microangelo On Display you can:

  • Customize Windows icons quickly and easily. Just right-click on the icon and select "Appearance" from the popup menu.  One elegant dialog allows you to change icons just about anywhere on your computer.
  • Use On Display to change icons displayed by Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000. If you can't change an icon with On Display, it probably can't be done. Folder, shortcut, shell and system icons, On Display can change icons in more places than any other tool available.
  • Turn icon shortcut arrows off, on, or change them. On Display can change the overlays that Windows displays on shortcuts and shared drives or folders.

Click here to read more about Microangelo On Display.

Click here to download.

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