Remote Assistance Shortcuts

Posted in Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

Remote Assistance in Windows Vista is a great tool that is ofter overlooked and forgotten about. When it is actually used, it can be very valuable when trying to troubleshoot issues and demonstrate how to do a task to remote users. I find it very helpful when trying to assist my parents when they have a computer issue. Instead of trying to blindly walk them through something on the phone, I can connect to their computer and show how since remote assistance allows them to see what I am doing.

In Windows Vista Remote Assistance has been greatly improved and now has many command line parameters that make it easy for administrators to create shortcuts for their users. Check out the sections below for various Remote assistance shortcuts:

Request Assistance

  • msra /novice
  • msra /novice <computer>

Remote Assistance Shortcuts

  • msra /expert
  • msra /expert <computer>

Auto Connect Offer

  • msra /offerra <computer>
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