Disableing the 'Unsigned driver' dialog

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

This option wll disable the screen wich keeps popping up when you try to install 'digitally unsigned drivers'.
Normally you can choose to continue the install anyways, but I have had situations where you cannot continue the install.. very annoying..

This is how to fix it.

Click Start - Run
then type: gpedit.msc
then hit enter.
Browse the folder tree to the following location:
User Configuration - Administrative Templates - System

now right-click Code signing for Device drivers and select Properties.
On the Settings tab, either select
- enable, and then select ignore from the appearing listbox..
- or click the disable option.

Click apply and Ok and your set!

Alternatively especially for XP Home users:

Open "System" properties (Windows key + pause or Right click 'My Computer' - properties or Control Panel - System).
On the Hardware tab click the "Driver Signing" button. In the dialogue that comes up choose "Ignore" to install the new driver anyway.

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