RPC Worm Removal Guide

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So you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people that did not update your computer in time.  No problem, just follow the instructions below to remove the worm from your system.

  1. Some users that are infected with the worm have a hard time updating and removing the worm because the system automatically pops up a message informing the user that the machine is going to shut down in 60 seconds.  To stop your machine from shutting down one this message is displayed, simply go to the start menu and select run.  Then type shutdown -a in the text box and click the OK button.  This will stop the machine from shutting down.
  2. Now the first step is to apply the security patch to your system.  We will remove the worm in step three but first it is important to update your system to make it secure.   To update your system, click the link below for your operating system and download the file to your computer. 

     - Windows XP Users - Click Here
     - Windows 2000 Users - Click Here
     - Windows NT Users - Click Here
     - Other Versions of this patch - Click Here

    Now that you have the patch downloaded to your computer, simply run the file from the location that you saved it at.  Follow the on screen directions and keep clicking next.

  3. Now that the security hole in your system is fixed, it is time to remove the worm.  To remove the worm, just download a special program that Symantec developed by clicking here.  Once you have downloaded the program, run it and click the start button to start the search for the worm in your system.   When it finds traces of the worm, allow the program to delete the files to rid your system of the worm.

That's it.  Now you should have a worm free system.

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