Internet Explorer Saves Images As default BMP only

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

When you try to save an image in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the image will only save by the default bmp only. For example, when you right-click an image on a Web page, and then click Save Picture As, the file name that appears is Untitled, and the file type that appears is .bmp, instead of the right file name and type.

This behavior occurs when a Damaged or Unknown program file (active or java) is downloaded to the downloaded program files folder.

To troubleshoot and resolve this, empty the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder, and then delete any files in the Downloaded Program Files folder that are listed as either Unknown or Damaged.

Save an image in Internet Explorer to test and determine if the issue is resolved.

If the issue continues to occur after you remove all downloaded program files that are listed as Unknown or Damaged, try removing the other downloaded program files that are on the list. Note: The next time that you need one of the files that you removed from the Downloaded Program Files folder, you will receive a prompt to download the file to your hard disk in Internet Explorer.

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