MBR Recovery

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You're actually a WinXp user and installed Linux as a secondary OS just to have a look at it?
You installed the Lilo Bootloader too, and now want to get rid of both and get back to WinXp without having to
reinstall the whole system or to install a secondary bootloader?
Then this is the right guide for you! It's as simple as 123, believe me.
(Important: To perform this operation it is inalienable that you're still able to start up your Windows XP operating system!
Furthermore this guides assumes that your operating system is on Harddisk 0, drive C:\)

1. Put the WinXP in your cdrom drive (supposed to be d:)
2. Click start -> Run -> and type: d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons
This will download and install the "Recovery Console"
3. Rightklick "My Computer" -> Properties. The System properties pop up. Click on the "Advanced" tap and then the
"Settings" button"
4. Make sure that "Time to display list of operating systems" is enabled!
5. Restart your PC and start the Recovery Console when the System prompts you.
6. When the Recovery Console prompts you to start a system, just type "1" and push enter.
7. When the Recovery Console has finished loading, type in the following lines:

fixmbr /device/harddisk0

Just ignore all the warning and type "y" for yes.

8. Restart the system
9. Once you've finished this operation you might want to disable the "Time to display..." option in the system panel.

Congrats! You've just successfully restored your Master Boot Record to it's original state!


Alternatively or if you can no longer boot to the harddisk, configure your BIOS to start from cd and boot to the Windows XP cd. At the "Welcome to Setup" screen select R. This will load the recovery console.

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