No Sound From Headphone Jack

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Have you been frustrated that you cannot hear any sound when you plug your headphones directly into the headphone jack of your CD-ROM drive? This is because headphones play analogue sound - Windows Media Player is set to play digital sound. To rectify this:

1. First in Control Panel go to System -Hardware - Device Manager. Double-click on "DVD/CD ROM Drives" and right click on the drive that you want to use and click "properties" on the drop-down menu.

2. Go to the "Properties" tab and uncheck the box "Enable digital cd audio for this device" and press "ok"

3. At this point you may be requested to restart the computer. Do so if you are prompted or the tweak won't work.

4. Then in Windows Media Player go to "Tools" and then "Options". Click the "Device" tab in the window that appears.

5. Select the drive you want to use and then click "Properties.." at the bottom of the window.

6. Under the "Playback" dialogue clck the "Analogue" box and then press "Apply" and "ok".

You should now be able to listen with headphones. But remember you may have to revert these changes if you ant to use the drive for playback thru the speakers and for games. Also the sound controls in Media Player do not work for headphones; you only have th evoluem control on the actual drive.
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