Fast User Switching + Internet Connection

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In Microsoft Windows XP, if you enable the Fast User Switching feature, multiple user accounts can log on to a computer simultaneously. There is an issue of the Internet Connection either dropping or prompting to reconnect when switching users.

This tweak fixes the issue. This enables a permanent internet connection with multiple users on your PC under Windows XP.

  • Click Start --> Run and type regedit
  • Navigate to this key :

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon

  • Then right-click the right-hand pane, select New/String Value.
  • Name the value KeepRasConnections
  • Double click the new key and set it to 1.

    Additonal Information :

    HOW TO: Use the Fast User Switching Feature in Windows XP (Q279765)

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