Forgotten Power Toys

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The Microsoft Power Toys designers forgot to add to the latest collection: Send To and Deskmenu

For those not familiar with these 2 indispensible extras:

Send To adds additional Send To functions the most important (I think) is the Send To Any Folder feature, why on earth MS doesn't add this to the base version of any Windows is beyond me. With this function, you can send a file anywhere you want to send it.

Desk Menu puts a little icon in the system tray that without minimizing windows you can click on the icon and see and click on any icon on your desktop.

I have installed these "old" Toys (dating back to the first Power Toys 95) on Win98/2000/XP with no troubles at all. On 2000/XP, you have to reboot to see and use these added functions.

You can download them from my AOL FTP account at this link:

Editor's note: The link above doesn't work anymore. You can get the old Win 95 Power Toys still here:

Extract the downloaded file to a folder and rightclick the DESKMENU.INF or SENDTOX.INF and click install. TARGET.INF, DOSHERE.INF, and EXPLORE.INF also still work on XP. Don't install the rest.

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