Reset Security on all folders

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

The problem is with using Windows Explorer to modify security settings globally on a partition, directories, and files. This is in fact a less than optimum method of applying security settings. A more appropriate method is to execute the following command line from the root of the partition:

(Note: If you are not at the root of the partition in question you must set your default there: CD /D drive_name: )

Now the command line:
CACLS * /e /t /c /g Administrators:F System:F

(Note: If you see the message, ''Unable to perform a security operation on an object which has no associated security,'' you are executing this from a FAT partition. You must set the default to an NTFS partition.)

This command will edit (/e) the ACLs, rather than replace them, and recursively apply them (/t) to subdirectories. CACLS will continue (/c) even when it hits an open file. Any number of ACCOUNT:PERM parameters may follow the grant (/g) switch. There is additional flexibility built into the CACLS command-its only limitation is the dearth of selections for PERM (permission levels) values.
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