The wonders of Syskey

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

This is an interesting way to increase the security of your machine further.  With the help of this tip, you will need to insert a special floppy disk that you make in order to log on.  If you loose the disk, you are locked out.

  1. Click on start run and then type in SYSKEY, hit return
  2. On the first window that opens you shall need to click on UPDATE.
  3. On the next window ensure the System generated password is selected. (this is what I reccomend)
  4. Also ensure the Store startup Key on a floppy drive is selected click on OKAY (Yes, make sure there is a blank disk in the floppy drive.) follow the prompts closing out of the windows and restart.
  5. Remove the disk and restart.

What does this do? An xtra layer of security. When you reboot your XP system, you will be asked for this diskette prior to accessing you login screen. If you do not have the Disk to bad for you and the flamers that are may be trying to hack your system.

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