Setting Up & Using SpyBot S&D

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The first thing you need to do is download SpyBot Search & Destroy from HERE. Once you have downloaded and installed it you must update it and customize the scanning properties so that it scans and protects more thorough.

I won’t explain how to update SpyBot during the install since it is self explanatory.

Once you have installed SpyBot you need to update it and use the “Immunize” feature to protect yourself from further spyware/malware infestation. Now that it is installed open SpyBot from the icon you placed on your desktop or from the start menu start – all programs – SpyBot – Search & Destroy. First we need to switch to advanced mode, to do so select “mode” from the toolbar and check “Advanced Mode”, it will ask if you want to switch modes, say “yes”. Now you have multiple tabs on the left of the screen, select the “settings” tab then click on the “Ignore products” icon. Under the first tab the first tab “All products” right click your mouse in the main screen and select “deselect all”.

Now go back to the “settings” tab again and click the “settings” icon. Scroll down to the “Web Update” section and check “Download updated include files if available online”. This will automatically update SpyBot when you open it.

Now click on the “tools” tab and click on the “IE Tweaks” icon. Make sure that you check “Lock Hosts file read-only as protection against hijackers”.

You can schedule SpyBot to automatically scan if you like, to do so go to the “settings” tab again and choose the “Scheduler” icon, once it opens choose “add” and you can schedule it to run at the time you choose.

Back to the main interface, click the SpyBot S&D tab, click the “Search for Updates” button, this will connect to SpyBot's servers and alert you of any new updates, you should download ALL that it finds.

Now select the “Immunize” icon, click on the green + to immunize your system. This will help prevent any new spyware/malware infestation by blocking new items. THIS MUST BE REDONE AFTER EVERY UPDATE SO THAT YOU ARE PROTECTED AGAINST THE LATEST THREATS.

Time to scan your system, click the “Check for problems” button, this will scan your system for any know spyware/malware, REMOVE ALL THAT IT FINDS.

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