Setting Up & Using Ad-Aware SE

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

The first thing you need to do is download Ad-Aware SE Personal from HERE. Once you have downloaded and installed it you must update it and customize the scanning properties so that it scans more thorough.

Once it’s installed click on the icon on your desktop and open it to the main screen. You will need to be online to update it, so if you are using a 56K connection you must first connect to your ISP. Now click were it says “Check for updates now”, this will connect you to Lavasoft’s servers and update your definitions. This is the same as updating your antivirus definitions.

Now that everything is up to date you need to customize your scanning properties to get the best protection.

Now that you are at the main screen click the “Scan now” button, this will take you to a screen that says “Select a scan mode:”, select "Customize" and check "Scan within archives" then "Proceed". Then select "Select" and check all of your drives, "Scan volume for ADS" should be checked now. Now just select "Next".

Ad-aware should now be scanning ALL of your drives for any know spyware/malware in its database. Once it has finished scanning it will give you list of everything that it found, REMOVE ALL THAT IT FINDS. Place your cursor on the list of items it finds and right click with your mouse and choose “select all” then click “remove selected items”. This will remove all spyware/malware from your pc. If Ad-aware prompts you to scan on your next reboot you should do so, this may happen because some spyware/malware is in use during the scan and could not be removed properly, Ad-aware will then schedule a boot time scan and remove these items on your next reboot.

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