Make ICQ send work

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If you use ICQ and windows xp firewall, you have noticed that file send won't work. Here is how to get it working without disabling the entire firewall :

1. First you must limit the range of port that ICQ use for send. In icq, click on Main, Preferences, User tab, click on 'Not using proxy' and choose 'Use the following TCP listen port for incoming event from 1030 to 1030'. (use port number of your choice, 1030 is only for exemple)
2. After, go into control panel & network connections
2. Right click on your connection and select 'properties'
3. Left click the advanced tab
4. Left click the settings button
5. Under services, left click the add button
6. For description type "ICQ", for Name of IP put the name that identifies your system with your ISP OR your IP if it is static.
7. Both external and internal ports are 1030 by default and TCP. (depend of wich port you set at beginning)
8. Click OK and restart
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