Change Automatic Away with AOL IM

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

whenever you switch user names on Windows XP, AOL Instant Messenger will automatically put an away message on for you. If this annoys you and you want to be able get rid of it, here is your opportunity. This tweak will enable Windows XP to stop putting 'Windows Session Logoff' away messages whenever you switch user names and you want to stay on AIM, but DO NOT want to have an away message on.

1) Click on Start

2) Click on Run

3) type in : ' regedit  '

4) Go to "Edit", then proceed down to "Find" and type in:  '   iamgonespecialcases   '

5) Delete the folder.

6) Go to the AOL Instant Messenger folder, and click on the sub-folder "Users"

7) Click on the folder of the desired Screen Name and delete the '  iamgonespecialcases ' folder.

8) You have just tweaked your Windows/AIM

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