Remove Callwave ballon when minimized

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Ever been annoyed by the ballon that keeps showing when you minimize your callwave caller ID into the tray? It pestered the crap out of me! I happened to be mess'n around with the taskbar, one day and found the fix.

1. Right click an empty spot on the task bar, click properties, on taskbar index. Look in notification, see that the check is in the hide inactive icons. click the customize button.

2. From here the customization window opens. Go to your callwave service and click to "highlight", under behavior, click "scroll box" then click "always hide".

While you are in there you can make other icons behaviors act the way you would like to see them displayed. I chose only a couple to view full time, for things that I wanted the fastest access to.

This option has only been applied to Microsoft XP Pro.

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