Getting Internet Explorer Window to Open Maximized

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

I have seen a lot of people trying to find out how to make their Internet Explorer windows open up maximized.  The problem is that sometimes Windows can cause a bit of trouble and annoyance because the settings you want Internet Explorer to open up as are corrupted for whatever reason.

I have found at least five different ways and suggestions that could help people with this problem, but none of these ways seem to work with everyone.  Finally, I found out about a small program that will help EVERYONE.  It's a small program called IE New Window Maximizer, and it does exactly what its name implies.  For a small program that runs in the background and does not visibly slow down anything, it is well worth it.  Get it at [], as it is totally free and the file size is less than half a meg.

Take care!
-=Victor Ly aka MaStA ViC

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