Slow Start Up Using Norton Internet Security 2002 Update

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This tweak works also if your Using Zone Alarm or Zone Alarm Pro V.3.7. I found out by applying this tweak for Nortons with my Zone Alarm program.

If you are using Norton Internet Security 2002, and are experiencing slow start-up of XP.

i.e. you can see the desktop with icons etc. but it takes 30-60sec before you can start using the computer.

1. Click on start buttom.
2. Select control panel
3. Open “Network Connections”
4. Under “LAN and High-Speed Internet”, right-click on your “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties”
5. Under “General” tab, select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and select “Properties.
6. Select “Use the following IP address:”
7. Under “IP address” enter following : 192.168.0.X (Replace X with a value between 1 and 254.  If you have multiple computers, pick differnt numbers for each computer on your network)
8. Under “Subnet Mask:” enter following :
9. Click “Ok”

Note:  This tweak will only work if your computer is on a private network.  Such as a few computer networked in your home using ICS or a router that has a firewall and DHCP server

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