RightClick drive defragmentation.

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Ok... there's two ways of achieving this.

The easy way:

1. Create a .reg file and name it to whatever you think might fit. (create an empty .txt-file and rename it to whatever.reg)

2. Rightclick it and choose "edit".

3. Paste the following into it:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="defrag.exe %1 -f -v"

4. Save and close.

5. Doubleclick it and answer yes/ok to the questions.

6. Rightclick a drive and choose 'Defrag' to defragment it.

The not as simple but yet not difficult way:

1. Open RegEdit.

2. Navigate to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell".

3. Create a new Key named "Defrag".
(This is what will show in the RightClick-menu so if you'd like it to say "Mah 1337 d3Phr4G-h4Ck" then use that keyname ;) )

4. Create a sub-key to you ¨"Defrag" key and name it "Command".
(This name is not an option)

5. Go to the "Command" key and doubleclick "(default)".

6. Change it's value to "defrag.exe %1 -f -v"
-f = force defragmentation even if there's to little free space on the drive.
-v = Verbose mode.

7. Save and you're done.


I have only tried this on WinXP Pro, so i'm not sure if it works on WinXP Home.

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