Quick launch to any application at run command

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Those who want to launch any applications and programs quickly by simply typing on the run command , you can easily make your own title of command to enter. Windows has already made commands available like calc, mspaint, sol, etc. located in Windows folders. You can add yours too.

  1. Go to your application/program command you want create. Example the Outlook Express. Usually you can type "msimn" and your Outlook Express will open. You can make it as "OE" only.
  2. Create a shortcut of the  executable program also in the same location. 
  3. Now, cut that shortcut that you created and paste it to your system folder WINDOWS. For Windows 98/ME, you should paste them in SYSTEM 32 folder.
  4. Rename them what ever ID you want. Example given is "OE"
  5. By typing OE in the run command, your Outlook express will launch as it normally does.

The good, if you remember all commands you created, you don't need going to start menu or desktop icons to launch any programs.

Happy launching!


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