Remove Hidden Windows Components

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

If you've ever felt the need to get rid of MS Messenger, heres a trick that will let you do that, and so much more. MS thought it would be nice to include some components they "knew" you would need, and wont let you get rid of. Until now.

1) Click Start.
2) Click Run.
3) Type: notepad.exe C:\windows\inf\sysoc.inf
- This will bring up a hidden inf file in notepad.
4) In notepad, click Edit on the toolbar.
5) Click Replace.
6) In the "Find What" text area type HIDE
7) Leave the "Replace With" text area blank.
8) Click Replace All.
9) Exit out of the Replace window.
10) Save the file.

Now check out the new uninstall options in Control Panel - Add Remove Programs - Windows Components.

Wasn't it nice of MS to include all those programs they just "knew" we needed?
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