Nikon View CPU USAGE

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Okay I bought a Nikon Coolpix 885 camera and then proceeded to install the View 4 software that comes with the camera. NOTE: This software constantly leaves a process that causes SLOW and CHOPPY GFX as well as a CPU IDLE at 9-20%.

How to Change:
1) Ctrl-Alt-Del
2) Process tab
3) End the NkVwmon.exe process (this will end it temporaliy.)

For it to NEVER return:
1) Start--->Run
2) Type msconfig.exe
3) Startup tab------>uncheck the NkVwMon.exe process.

It took me about an Hour to find this, BUT believe me anyone using ANY of the Coolpix models of Nikon Cameras. You should know that this program needs to be disabled.

Note: It may not be necessary to install the Coolpix software at all with XP. First try to let XP's native drivers handle the camera. If that works, there's nothing to fix. Allan (forum admin)

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