Kazza: Remove Ads

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Don't you just hate that useless annoying banner ad (Which I can't say is stupid because it's a very intellectual way of PISSING ANYONE OFF!!!) that sometimes brings up pop-ups when you're doing stuff on the pc? Yeah this'll help you out.

1. Go to folder C:\Windows\System32\AdCache
2. Highlight each html file at the same time
3. Right click one then select "Edit"
4. 4 notepads will pop-up with each file's coding. When this happens just right click in notepad and select "Select All" and press the Delete button on your keyboard.
5. Save the changes for each file.
6. Tada, you just removed the banner showing up

For Advanced Users: Sometimes you may see a banner show on Kazaa but this only happens until you press it. If you want to avoid this from happening edit the gif files in C:\Windows\System32\AdCache to be the same color of your theme. You may as well do that with the html file by putting the html hexidecimal color that complies with your theme's color to show off to your friends that you can change colors to match (This makes you cool in my world). Example: (replace the 0's with o's though)

This method was inspired somewhat by the other Kazaa Ad Removable which did not work for me, so I decided to do it myself, with my method of doi. And remember kids, "Tabacco Is Wacko (When You're a Teen)."
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