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AR RAM Disk is a driver for Windows NT/2000/XP used to create an additional drive in your memory. This drive can be used for storing temporary files, this can increase your system speed.


Using the RAM Disk Setup the Windows TEMP Directory to the RAM Disk:

1. Create a Batch File with the following content:
set TEMP=T:
set TMP=T:

2.Put this Batch File into the Startup Folder of Windows.


Use AR Soft RAM Disk at your own risk.
Using large amount of memory for the RAM Disk can cause problems with other drivers or programs.
If you reboot your system all contents of the RAM Disk will be lost!
The theoretical maximum capacity of the RAM Disk is 2GB.
If driver fails to allocate the memory, the driver does not start. The driver writes an event record into the Event Log. Please look into the Event Viewer for more details of the error.
Package contains:
RAM Disk Driver for Windows NT or Windows 2000/XP
RAM Disk Control Panel Applet
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