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Razer Boomslang & Windows XP

Posted August 2002 by Steve Sinchak

This Fix is intended for all users of a Razer Boomslang who have problems using it under Windows XP (Lost Settings when rebooted, not being able to program buttons).
If you install the common drivers from the provided cd (version 2.0.12, also downloadable from

-First install the drivers, reboot when asked

If correctly installed, the razer application asks something about registration, press later, then apply or ok.

Double checking if the mouse is correctly installed

-Go to the Control Panel
-Click on "Mouse"
-Click on the "Hardware"-tab
-Check if it says "Karna USB mouse"
If so, continue, if not, install the drivers again

Customizing your mouse

-Open Control Panel
-Click on Razer Boomslang
-Adjust your settings (sensitivity, program buttons, etc.)
-press apply, then ok
Continue to the next step, the most difficult part!!

Making the settings permanent (this involves editing your registry, so be carefull please & do not hold me responsible for mistakes you make after this point of warning!)

  1. startup Regedit (start>run>type: regedit >press enter)
  2. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Karna\Razer
  3. You'll see all kinds of settings (I will call these "items") like DoubleClickSpeed etc.
  4. go to HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Software\Karna\Razer aswell
  5. You'll see the same items as seen by step 2 along with a few others, but with other values
  6. Adjust the values (by double clicking on an item like DoubleClickSpeed) in such a way that the new values match the values seen in the items in step 2
    Adjust the values for the follwing items
    -ButtonAssignedX (where X = 1 through 5)
  7. Reboot, the settings are permanent from this point on, well done and good luck!

Game on!

-I have the Razer Boomslang 1000dpi
-I connected it via the USB port
-I use Windows XP Pro Corporate Edition (Build 2600)
-I use the 2.0.12 Razer Drivers

For an dutch translation visit this page:

Andy Ramdin
The Netherlands

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