Stealthing Port 113 on Lynksys Routers

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For those of you with Lynksys Routers

Here's how to stealth your port 113.

Open your Internet Explorer home page and in the address bar type in
http://(then your ip address given to you by your router. If you dont know
it follow this thread: Start/All Programs Accessories/Command Prompt.
In Command Prompt type in ipconfig(spacebar)/all - now dont type in the
spacebar but hit your spacebar then forward slash/all. your ip address will
come up.
If we have the same router it should be
So it should be -  when you click go an NR041 window should pop up.
Now in the Password box type in the password given to you by Lynksys or if
we have the same it should be admin <--- (in lowercase). You wont need to
type in a Username

When the Cable/Router Basic Setup window opens it may open to the Basic
Settings so if this is the case click on the Advanced Settings tab.
When the Advanced Settings window opens click on the Forwarding tab. - The
Advanced Settings may automatically open at first so the better.

Now when the Forwarding window opens, on the left hand of that window go
down to Customized Applications.
In the box below Customized Applications type in a title called Port 113

Now in the following boxes to the right you should type this:

Ext. Port         - 113

Protocal TCP -  put a check in this box by clicking on it.

Protocol UDP - leave blank.

Int Port           - 113

IP Address     -

Enable            - put a check in this box by clicking on it.

Now click on the Apply button below.

Now go to and do a port scan and walla your port 113 will now be in
stealth mode.

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