Install your Mustek 600 II N scanner under XP

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Everybody who ownes a Mustek 600 II N scanner and want to install it under XP will notice it won't work. Mustek's website says the scanner is not supported under Windows XP.

I've tried this and it works fine here:

- Download the NT4 driver from (select the exact drivers by looking up the first two letters of the serialnumber found under the barcode on the backside of the scanner)

- Before installing the driver click right on the .exe file and go to properties, compatibility and select 'Windows NT4' from the pulldown menu.

- Now install the drivers and it should work. I'm running Windows XP PRO here but i'm sure it will work under XP Home too.

If you own another, unsupported Mustek scanner you can try the same. Maybe it will work.

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