Infinite Loop Fix

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

The best solution to most issues with looping is POWER SUPPLY. Due to the huge amount of resources that video cards, sound cards, larger cpu's, they suck your power supply to the point that application cant perform. In turn it causes lockup, reboot and boot to desk top.A lot of resellers are only slapping in a 300watt power supply in newer systems. That doesn't work, you need at least a 400watt or greater.Now for example: AMD 2100cpu, gf4 video card, cd burner, cd rom,netcard, modem, 2 or 3 hard drivers( raid especially ). You need at least 450watt POWER SUPPLY. Take my word on it.This is the biggest issue i have studied on the net and in my lab for 1 1/2 years now. So many people have taken components back to the stores had them tested, to find out there is nothing wrong with them and go around shaking there heads in wonderment, without even considering POWER SUPPLY. So next time think about it, do the math ( HOW MUCH POWER IS MY SYSTEM USING )
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