Easy IP

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

This tweak is a batch file that allows you to check your IP,Subnet,Gateway,MAC,DNS server, Etc. As well as check connectivity with your NIC. From the Run Command line.

Copy this code into notepad and save it in the windows directory folder as ip.bat.

@echo                          IP INFORMATION
@echo                         By:David Kohanbash
@ipconfig/all | find "IP Address"
@ipconfig/all | find "Subnet Mask"
@ipconfig/all | find "Default Gateway"
@ipconfig/all | find "Host Name"
@ipconfig/all | find "DNS Suffix Search List"
@ipconfig/all | find "Physical Address"
@ipconfig/all | find "DHCP Enabled"
@ipconfig/all | find "DHCP Server"

To run Goto Start>Run and type ip

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