Messenger Pop-up Blocker

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Are you tired of getting those pop ups sent to your ip address if you are not behing a router or firewall. I have found out how to block those.

This was figured out by me to help you all who
have problems being interrupted in the middle
of something or game by a messenger pop up.

DO NOT waste your time downloading software
to get rid of this problem.


Here is a fix for you NT/XP folks...

1. Click on My Computer and open the control panel.

2. Open the Performance and Maintenance or
    Administrative Tools.

3. Double-click on Services, and scroll down to Messenger.

4. Double-click Messenger and click the Stop button
    which will stop the service.

5. Change the startup type to more
    Messenger popups. This NOT MSN Instant Message service
    called Windows Messenger but this IS a component part of
    Windows XP only for Network Administrators to send
    broadcast messages to network users.

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