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Warning: This tweak is for the advanced computer user!

Here is a freeware solution that worked great for me. Either through load balancing or insufficient resources, my ISP’s DNS servers are exceedingly slow. I am a mindless nitwit when it comes to DNS but I found that I could roll my own using Bind-PE. No settings or options. In other words, if I can do it, anyone can. Setup is accomplished through a double-click and reboot – that’s it.

Moreover, this version of Bind does not require port 53 access (Wan-to-LAN) so it presents no security issues.

This is suitable for a single machine or a small to midsized LAN. It is so  reliable that I removed my ISP’s name servers completely (which were backups) and that made it even faster. Furthermore, my syslog daemon does reverse DNS lookups. These are now faster (fewer timeouts) and more reliable as well.

If you want, you can download the ORSC slave with ICANN forwarding but it’s not necessary. I have it which means that I can visit sites like or atlantic.ocean.

Bind PE is here:

I have no connection, whatsoever, I'm just a very happy user.

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