Slow Speed Issue With DSL

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

I spent 4 days trying to find out why my dsl speed was so was no help, qwest was no help, I even had technicians come out and check the phone lines.  I tried almost all of the registry tweaks possible including third party tweaking programs all to no success.  All the microfilters were connected to all the phones in the house but there was one thing overlooked.  If you have digital cable or satellite in which there is a cable box...more often than not the cable box is or has the ability to be connected to a phoneline (I guess so that you can order pay per view channels without picking up the phone, but in some cases it constantly sends transmissions the local office kinda like dsl does).  Because I was just going around to the phones that I know are in my house, I thought that I covered everything.  I found that I didnt have a filter on this line and once it was installed, I reset the cable modem and restarted the computer, and when I got back online....viola I went from 120 to about 680.  What a difference one filter can make huh?
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