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   After searching high and low for about 2 hours I found a fix for an annoying little problem with
Internet Exploder & XP.  Not really a *fix* per say, more like *ahem*,  a feature.  Whenever I gotta
search this hard for a solution to such a simple problem and finally come up with something, I feel the
need to share with whomever might make use of it someday...

The Feature:
When clicking a file on the web (zip,rar,exe.. whatever), normally a dialogue box will pop up asking if
you want to save to file or open.  IE even has a "[x] Always ask before opening this type of file."
feature. Yeah, OK.

The Problem:
 But what if your wife/dog/baby un-checks the "[x] Always ask before opening this type of file." box,
and you just don't want your zip files to automatically open?!?!

The Question:
Where in the HELL do I go to re-check that dialogue box?

By now I am sure you are feeling my pain.

The solution:
Open My Computer, or any other form of Windows Explorer.  Select Tools -> Folder Options ->
File Types tab & select your file type (in my case .zip).  Click advanced, and There It Is! "[ ] Confirm
open after download."

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