Its all about your priorities

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

In life, the only way to succeed is to get your priorities straight. Well tough-luck, to all you slackers, the computer world ain't much different. Windows has setup a system controlled hiearchy which is notably called the Priority System. By increasing a programs priority, the task manager tells the system to pay more attention to it, by feeding it RAM and optimizing that program to use the system cache more effifiently. Lets explore into the wonderful world of priorities.

1.) Right click on your taskbar and select TASK MANAGER
2.) Under the Processes pane select a program that you would like sped up.
3.) Now right click, and under Set Priority, set the system priority to High.

That program will be much faster, and will run more efficiently. Beware, by setting it to Realtime requires a motherload of RAM (256MB a minimum). Note, the system priority won't always be high, it will only be high for the current session. Meaning, once you restart your computer, all your priorities will be set back to its default (most of the time normal). Another hint, is not to set a system priority, because system managed files will give you an Access Denied error.

Happy Tweaking!
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