Put MSN / Windows Messenger where YOU want

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

If you use Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger, are you tired of Windows XP always replacing that Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger icon in the main Programs directory in the Start menu when you move or delete the original icon? Well, this won't get rid of the program, so you can use MSN still, but it'll keep it out of the Start Menu for good.

1. Click the Start button.
2. Go to "All Programs"
3. Find the Windows Messenger icon.
4. Right-click the icon and select "Properties".
5. Select the "General" tab.
6. Under the "Attributes" heading, check the box next to "Hidden".
7. Click "Apply" and "OK".

From now on, the Windows Messenger icon will be hidden in the Start Menu, but will always be logged by Windows as being present, so you'll never have to worry about respawning. NOTE: This will also work with any icon in the "All Programs" menu directory and subdirectories (i.e., readme files and uninstall files!).
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