Auto Hide/Show System Tray Contents

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Have you ever wanted to just get rid of a system tray item, but not wanting to completely get rid of it? Or have you ever wanted to always see a certin icon in the System Tray? Well Its simple, and dosnt require any major editing on your part, and its completely safe. Just Do the Following:

1. Right Click on start, and select 'Properties'

2. Once in Properties, Select 'Taskbar'

3. Find the 'Customize...' Button, and press it.

4. Once the next screen comes up, find the icons you want/dont want. Click them, and click the drop down box. Here, you have two Options, Always Hide ( Hides It from the moment you start up, the the moment you shut down ) and Always Show ( Shows it even when it is inactive, will never "disapear" behind the arrow ). Select the option you want, and click ok. Do this to as many as you want.

And thats it. It is that simple. Have fun, and happy tweaking!
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