Send To Any Folder

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

If you’re like me and use the Send To functions a lot and want the Any Folder option, do the following. Down MS PowerToy for Win 95 (can be found on MS site or other download sites on the net). Unzip it in the folder of your choice. Locate the Sendtox.inf and right click it. Click on install. Close the windows that open. The right click menu Send To will now have the send to Any Folder along with some other options. To remove the unwanted options open the Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Highlight Send to Extensions PowerToy and click the Remove button. You can now uncheck the options you don't want. To save a little space on your H/D delete the files you unzipped in the beginning as you will no longer need them. Enjoy this add functionality.
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