Program Manager included with WIN XP

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In case you want to use the WIN 3.1 Program Manager interface with WIN XP, NO PROBLEM!
WIN XP includes a re-written PROGRAM MANAGER, for backward compatibility with all previous WINDOWS versions.

1. Start/run/progman.exe
2. This will open the Program Manager window, and you can then drag and drop your favorite programs onto it.
Some programs will not show the correct icon, so you will have to select the MS DOS icon, and FILE/PROPERTIES/ Change ICON,
Browse to the program which you just added, and select its icon. You can also chose any icon you wish -
There are may icons stored in /WINDOWS/System32/shell32.dll file.
3. Create new program groups to keep your applications organized.
4. Add Progman.exe to your Startup group to automatically start it each time you boot-up.

PROGMAN.EXE runs at a HIGH priority so it is always available with a click on the task bar.
Make your desktop look and feel exactly like the easy-to-use WN 3.1 interface!
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