Open Command Prompt From Any Folder

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Here is a quick time saver that I use all the time: Hold down the Shift key and right click on any folder in Windows 7 and select Open command window here. A command prompt will open with the current directory set automatically.

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Man, this comes in handy at the moment!
I always typed "cd " in the command prompt. And then dragged the map into the prompt and then hit Enter.
But this is indeed a lot faster :)
Posted by Asgaro on 4 years ago

Posted by vince on 3 years ago

where is the link to download... please

Posted by Ralph on 3 years ago

Ralph, there is no download, it's built into Windows 7. Well, at least I didn't install anything and it works for me! (Win7 Ultimate 64)
Posted by Nick on 3 years ago

Very good an information.

Thank you so much...
Posted by Bilal on 3 years ago

i can't open for there stay the command prompt is disabled by admin but i are admin on my pc and can get its open ? can some one help me?
Posted by mikkel on 3 years ago

Posted by olsson on 3 years ago

Posted by ElKabong on 3 years ago

but what to do when want to open command prompt on folder under other account - that seems impossible, again something Microsoft thought it through
Posted by mrobo on 3 years ago

Posted by Han Solos on 3 years ago

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