Windows 7 90-day Trial Download (32-bit and 64-bit)

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Microsoft has made available a trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. According to Microsoft, "It is designed specifically for IT Professionals, so that you can test your software and hardware on a final version of the product. In addition, it provides the opportunity for you to become more familiar with the key improvements over previous versions of the Windows operating system, and experience firsthand how Windows 7 can make your PC environment more productive, secure, and manageable." The free trial version is available as DVD images or a VHD (virtual hard disk) file for use in Virtual PC or Hyper-V Server.

Download 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise Trial

Download 32-bit VHD Windows 7 Enterprise Trial

Keep in mind that Windows 7 Enterprise is equivalent to Windows 7 Ultimate.

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The difference between the two (Ultimate & Enterprise) is licensing. If you download Enterprise, will the license for Ultimate work with it?
Posted by curtis on 4 years ago

From where I get Professional Version of Windows 7, even trail works for me.
Posted by Ahmad on 4 years ago

Thanks for the info! I downloaded it and works great but I still prefer the Ultimate edition.
And for me my license for Ultimate version didn't work with this Enterprise.
Posted by Khan on 3 years ago

Thanks for the info. What is the difference between Ultimate & Enterprise??
Now I still use Ultimate, but who knows next time I will use Enterprise...
Posted by shint4 on 3 years ago

From where I get Professional Version of Windows 7, even trail works for me.

@ Ahmad what does that even mean? DO you have link because I wouldn't mind trying the pro version or I might have to trail to your secret location LOL
Posted by Trancefreak on 3 years ago

i do lihe
Posted by franciaco on 3 years ago

I use Win7Ultimate - it's excellent. Not sure what the difference is with Ultimate & Enterprise
Posted by Trev on 3 years ago

Where can I get a Windows 7 trial version> Currently have Windows XP.
Posted by Ken on 3 years ago

hi good
Posted by lanrex on 3 years ago

If anyones still interested Ulimate and Enterprise are the same its just branding...Ultimate (home) Enterprise (corperate)
Posted by Malakai on 3 years ago

good windows 7
Posted by javed on 3 years ago

ik kan het niet downloaden de proef versie
warom niet ?
Posted by brasilboy on 3 years ago

The link to the VHD is broken.
Posted by Ed on 3 years ago

I was in Win7 Home Premium and I upgraded to Ultimate.
What is the difference between Win7 Enterprise and Ultimate?
Posted by Hyunwoo Jo on 2 years ago

The trial's good but I like Ultimate better.
*Tip:If you go to Windows Anytime Upgrade,type your Win7 key and you're done!!!
Posted by Hyunwoo Jo on 2 years ago

Super good!
Posted by Hyunwoo Jo on 2 years ago

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