Windows 7 Visual Styles

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As with previous versions of Windows Microsoft prevents users from using third-party visual styles with the visual style engine included in Windows 7.  This is enforced by requiring each visual style to be digitally signed by Microsoft, without the signature the visual style will not be loaded.  The trick to use third-party visual styles is to remove the digital signature requirement.  In the past there have been a lot of tools to do this but for Windows 7 there is only one right now called UxStyle.

Getting UxStyle installed and running on your computer is easy. Just download and install from here. No more manually replacing uxtheme.dll with patched versions.

Once that have the service installed it will automatically patch the digital signature requirement in memory so you can load third-party visual styles. 

The final step is to download more visual styles to use with Windows 7.  Below I linked some of the best places to download good visual styles for Windows 7:

Keep in mind that you can only run visual styles for Windows 7.  Don't try to use Windows Vista or Windows XP visual styles, they will not load.

If you want to build your own visual style or convert a Windows Vista visual style for Windows 7 check out Vista Style Builder (it works with Win 7 now).

Updated 2/6/2010 (added new sites, removed old)

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Awesome !!! :)
Posted by TóNi on 4 years ago

Oohhhh man....
thanks a lot!!! Big Thumbs UP!
Posted by Skills on 4 years ago

Will it brick my computer?
Posted by r on 4 years ago

How about fixing the links the torrent and the dropbox dont work
Posted by Ole on 4 years ago


Probaply not, but there's a 90% chance
Posted by Anon on 4 years ago

Thanks, I updated the list and added some new sites.
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 4 years ago

I love win 7 is the best operating system since XP, also are so many good things about it like this styles that you uploaded for us.
Posted by Melissa on 3 years ago

thnx vry much is having gr8 theme thnx
Posted by Vicky on 3 years ago

maderchothe aaighala.... how to download ????? bulli
Posted by nbgf on 3 years ago

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